Cloberry is an e-commerce and retail site that demonstrates its commitment to our customers' and other site users' privacy, by providing this statement. The Cloberry Management always strives to ensure your right to privacy. We are totally committed to developing long lasting relationships with our students that are solidly built on mutual trust. And Cloberry is in full compliance of our company's universal privacy policy, and will never violate that trust.

What We Collect

We use cookies to sometimes collect personal data, such as names, email addresses, and other personally-identifying information from our site's users. We do this only when there is need and with the visitors' full consent.

How Cloberry Uses the Collected Data

The information gathered are used to better serve our students and prospective ones. As a matter of company policy, we deeply respect the privacy of the individuals who send us such necessary personally-identifying information. And we do not use the data for any other purpose, other than the purpose you sent it. We don't misuse, sell, rent, or lease the information sent to us